Check Their Health is a peer to peer solution for tracking and monitoring people you care about.

The Challenge

We wanted to build a platform utilizing the amazing technology of the AppleWatch and iPhone to help people track and monitor their loved ones. When there’s real-time data sharing involved, especially when it concerns someone’s health, ensuring that nothing is missed and that the platform has an extremely high up-time is key to success. Another challenge was making the app easy to use for target users like children, the elderly and people with developmental disabilities.

Building your contact list

Setting up your contacts is really straightforward. You send and receive invites from the iPhone or the web app. Once someone connects with you and chooses which stats to share, you’re paired together and the live sharing starts.

Visualizing Shared Data

Quickly view the focus reading for the people that matter most to you. For some, heart rate is the main focus, for others location might be most important.

Roll back the clock with time-lapse

Even though the applications are built to share data in real-time, a nice feature called “time-lapse” was developed so that a caretaker could look back through the day and see if there was a long period of inactivity or if the person’s heart rate was out of the normal range.

Alerts for peace of mind

Set up alerts for contacts through the iPhone based on criteria that’s specific to them. Whether you want to be notified if Dad’s heart rate jumps above 165 beats per minute, or if Grandma has been inactive for too long, Check Their Health will alert you if a notification you set up has been triggered.

Built-in calls and messages for emergencies

Send and receive messages or make an emergency call with the tap of a button. For some contacts, the emergency number may be another loved one, for others it might be "911".

The Outcome

Check Their Health was launched in July of 2018 with a built-in way for organic growth via sharing and invites. We’re really proud of the platform and its capabilities. We're working on integrating the ideas and feedback from consumers who rave about the apps experience.

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