LifeWallet is a health platform designed to bring patients and healthcare providers closer together.

The Challenge

It is impossible to count how many patient management platforms are out in the market these days. It seems foolish to try and tackle this problem with all of the saturation... unless you approached it from a completely new angle. The LifeWallet platform needed to be a powerful group of applications that could really fill in the gaps of connectivity between patient and healthcare professionals. It needed to be able to collect vast amounts of information like intake forms, surveys and millions of vitals data points, with the highest importance placed on displaying the information in an easy manner.

Assessing health risks with Encounter

Encounter is  the ideal tool for employee and community wellness, aimed at referring at-risk participants to the care they need. Participants can take quick health risk assessments on an iPad, which are made of up of a few surveys and vital readings. After they complete an assessment, they receive a score to understand how they are doing, and be provided with information on how to improve in weaker areas. Because Encounter is so popular at community events and other pop-up locations, ease-of-use and speed were key components that needed to permeate all aspects of the application.

Creating simple plans with Engage

Engage makes it really easy to prescribe patients a wellness plan. These plans are comprised of a main goal which the healthcare professional wants the patient to achieve as well as a list of tasks that they want them to perform.

Seamless self-monitoring plans

HealthBook users can download a wellness plan through the digital store or receive a tailored one, specific to their needs from a healthcare professional. Compliance to the tasks in the plan is tallied and displayed for both the patient and healthcare professional to see. The wellness plan chat allows the HealthBook user to message back and forth with the healthcare professional about the plan and feel secure knowing that someone is focused on getting them healthy.

Daily tasks to stay on track

HealthBook users can see their daily tasks right in the center tab. The patient can jump into a task to add data points manually or see tasks completed with the data collected from a wearable device. As these tasks get completed or remain incomplete, the compliance will be reflected on the wellness plan.

Building up a health history

The patients health timeline holds large amounts of information gathered through “Healthsnaps” that have been completed through time. Everything from allergies to surgeries is recorded and cataloged, as well as doctor’s visits, labs and imaging. This makes it easy for the patient to share their health history and understand their health journey.

The Outcome

Through several years of hard work LifeWallet has come to life and is gaining more and more ground with patients and healthcare providers in the marketplace. LifeWallet’s platform is well positioned to help combat the rising level of chronic conditions in the U.S. and around the world.

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