Rightway Healthcare is redefining how employers navigate the healthcare marketplace through analytics, actionable information and personalized guidance for their employees.

The Challenge

There are a ton of moving pieces when it comes to developing a system that integrates with claims data, insurance history and providing custom solutions based off of the findings. After getting past the initial challenge of understanding how the healthcare insurance industry works, the real challenging part of the project was coming up with a system that allowed for complete flexibility per company while also maintaining a structure that was easy to follow for new Rightway employees.

Analyzing claims data

Rightway uses advanced healthcare analytics to help companies understand every angle of their historical spend and claims data. This analysis helps to identify preventable utilization, high cost drivers and at risk employee populations.

Tailored content to fit company profiles

Rightway can design personalized plans for each employer and employee based off the company’s risk profile. These insights can inform resource distribution, help manage high risk groups, and enhance benefits design and incentives for managing clusters of patients across a spectrum of risk.

Personalized roadmaps for employees

Once a patient becomes active in the healthcare marketplace, Rightway is there to support them every step of the way, with a high-tech and high-touch solution. All of the tools and resources they need, in one place, to help solve the complicated, and often frustrating healthcare journey. Rightway pairs a “Navigator” with every company to ensure that the employees have access to someone who can help guide them in healthcare related decisions.

What goes in a roadmap?

Navigators create roadmaps that are specific to each employee. These roadmaps contain educational content about the proceudre or condition as well as local doctors they can go see for a consultation as well as the ability to schedule the consultation right there in the app. The platform includes doctors ratings and helps match the best rated doctors that are in the companies insurance network.

Employer dashboard for analytics

Company administrators can check-in and see how their employees are usinig the app through engagement statistics. They can also see what roadmaps are creating the highest costs and which are saving them the most money. Analytics are key to everything Rightway does.

The Outcome

Rightways solution was launched in early 2018 and is gaining traction with large employers who are self insured and looking for ways to reduce their healthcare costs while also providing great solutions for their employees.

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